"Er der en vej ved dit hus?"

Translation:Is there a road by your house?

January 21, 2015



Because to means leading to your house - it would be går der en vej til dit hus. Here they just ask if there is a road ved meaning nearby.

September 23, 2015


Tak for det!

May 23, 2017


in what context is ved=to and why not here?

March 15, 2015


"Is there a way -to- your house" gets marked as wrong. Why :S ? It makes perfect sense and is even suggested..

May 29, 2015


Why is: 'Is there a street by your house?' wrong?

January 21, 2015


Gade is more like in a city - street. Paved or planned in some way. Vej is just any road, an old gravel road maybe ☺

September 23, 2015


It might be distinguishing between vej/gade like road/street in English. In colloquial Danish the two words are used interchangeably though.

January 22, 2015


I agree, Jan. The correct answer is Duo-English, rather than actual English'-as is often the case. :-<

December 4, 2017


Street should be accepted : in town vej is more common than gade for streets.

Pelargonievej is between Azaelavej and Normasvej, or between Magnoliavej and Roskildevej. I may be wrong but I don't see many houses around Sydmotorvejen or on Øresundbron

September 17, 2019
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