"Min son vill ha en säng."

Translation:My son wants a bed.

January 21, 2015

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Next thing you know he'll be asking for FOOD as well!


Today's children are so spoiled...


Favorite comment ever xD


Poor kid... sleeping on the floor all these years


Or maybe its just a toddler who was been sleeping in a crib, and know he wants to sleep in a bed.


Well, how is this possible with IKEA?


Is it more common to say 'vill ha' rather than simply 'vill' in Swedish in this context? In English it implies a more permanent possession I guess rather than a bed for e.g just a night


It would be wrong to use just vill here in Swedish. We use the particle verb vill ha for wanting nouns, and just vill for wanting + verb. There's a little more about vill ha here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5892480


"Vill" always needs an infinitive verb after it. Vill ha means "want to have". Vill äta means "wants to eat", etc. Vill ha is the default for wants as in an object like a bed.


The German equivalent sentence for "vill ha" is:

Jag vill ha

Ich will haben

The exact same meaning, just the grammar is different than swedish:

Jag vill ha en hund

Ich will einen Hund haben.


Thanks this helped a lot!

I didn't actually understand vill ha before reading your comment, so I'm happy to be a native German speaker for once ^^

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