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Some things you need to know about the Netherlands. (1)

So I decided to make this post to tell you guys something about The Netherlands, some things you may already know, some things may not know. Enjoy the post, and comment any additions you like to make. I will upload a part 2 soon (if you like it)

The king of the Netherlands is Willem Alexander. imgur

His job is mostly ceremonial. Most people don't really like the idea of a king, and want the monarchy to be deprecated. However, most people like his wife, the Argentinian Queen Maxima. There are a lot of video's made by LuckyTV, where King Willem-Alexander is dubbed, speaking with "een Haags (The Hague) accent". You can find the video's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgGNUtqLVGQ , however I think you have to be very advanced in dutch to understand this, and maybe this isn't as funny for non-dutch people as for dutch people, but you check it out yourself!

The country is actually governed by the parliament, and Mark Rutte is the prime minister of the Netherlands.

Most people don't like him, because the dutch like to nag.

On April 27th we celebrate "Koningsdag" (The King's Day) = The King's Birthday. Everybody loves the King that day, and dresses orange. There are festivals spreaded all over the country and the King visits a city (or cities) with the Royal Family.


The one thing the dutch love as much as Koningsdag, is "De Elfstedentocht" This is a ice-skating 'contest' where about 16.000 ice-skaters ice-skate a 200km long course along 11 cities in the Province of Friesland (located in the north of the Netherlands). The last time De Elfstedentocht was held, was in 1997. Every year, when it starts freezing, everybody hopes for another Elfstedentocht.


Speaking of Friesland, the province has its own official language, "Het Fries (in Dutch)" or "Frysk (in Frisian)". About 440.000 people speak the language.


Here's a map of Friesland with the route of the Elfstedentocht. The start and finish is located in Leeuwarden (Ljouwert in Frisian)

In a lot of other Dutch Provinces, there are dialects spoken: Branbants in Brabant, Limburgs in Limburg, Utrechts in Utrecht ... In the cities Rotterdam and Amsterdam there are also dialects spoken. They are called (guess what?) Het Rotterdams and Amsterdams.

Next time more, hope you enjoyed it!

3 years ago