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  5. "Is maith le roinnt daoine é."

"Is maith le roinnt daoine é."

Translation:Some people like it.

January 21, 2015



Is maith le roinnt daoine Pól! ;)


Ok. I guess I didn't get the word order right. I put: "He likes some people".


Whatever immediately follows le is the subject.


And although I've seen lots of example phrases in this course that don't follow this rule of thumb, if the object of the phrase's main verb is a pronoun ('é' in this case) it generally comes at the end of the phrase. So, mar shampla, to say "I will see you tomorrow", one would use feicfidh mé amárach tú rather than feicfidh mé tú amárach.


wouldn't this be 'Is maith leis roinnt daoine'?



leis arises in two situations - the masculine 3rd person singular prepositional pronoun for of le, and when le comes before a definite article (an or na). Neither of those circumstances apply here.


Really? Then what would be "he likes some people" if not "is maith leis..."?


I was working on my phone, and with the narrow phone screen I didn't notice that you were replying to a 4 year old comment, rather than commenting on the exercise itself.


ah, sorry! Yeah, I tend not to look at the dates (probably that will one day be my downfall). Thank you anyway!


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"he is liked by some people" - I thought this should have been accepted. Comments welcomed, le do thoil.


Focloir.ie has 3 examples of "they were liked", "he was liked" and "she has liked" - they all use "thatin ... le ..."

"they were well liked" - "thaitin siad go mór le daoine", "bhí dúil mhór ag daoine iontu"
"he was liked and justly so" - "thaitin sé le daoine agus a ábhar acu", "thaitin sé le daoine agus ba mhaith an oidhe air é"
"she has liked him since she first met him" - "thaitin sé léi ón gcéad lá ar bhuail sí leis"


Does the 'some' (which I believe is an ... indefinite number?) not use the singular? I would have expected it to be 'roinnt duine'.


roinnt isn't a number. The following noun may be a mass noun (usually singular) or a plural , but it is in the genitive.


Is maith le roinnt daoine é te?

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