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"O que você perguntaria para ele?"

Translation:What would you ask him?

January 21, 2015



I'm brazilian. The pronounce is not ok. I barely identified the time of the verb


A voz da mulher no curso de inglês para falantes de português tambem é muito ruim.


The enphasis of "perguntaria" is in the "i": perguntariiiia


'What would you ask to him' doesn't make sense in English. The closest woudl be 'What would you ask of him' but this has quite a different meaning to 'what would you ask him'. Which is closer to the Portuguese in this case?


"What would you ask him" is the right answer. Neither me that I'm a native speaker, I couldn't understand this audio. The verb "perguntaria" sounds "perguntara" and "perguntara" is another time of verbal conjugation called "Prétérito mais que perfeito". It's almost never used, unless you are reading books of literature.


Is it also correct to say: O que você perguntaria a ele? Also, could you say: O que você lhe perguntaria para ele? Or is it not common to double up "lhe" along with "para/a ele".


how would you express 'ask for him' ?


If you mean "ask in his place/on behalf of him," that would be «por ele».


"What would you ask him?" is pretty clear. But what about the translation for: What would you ask of him? This could mean what you want him to do or even to say. What would you ask of him? I want him to study Portuguese until he drops.


In this case, "O que você pediria para ele?" > What would you ask of him?


How do perguntar and pedir differ?


"Perguntar" is to ask a question; "pedir" is to ask for something. ;)


Thanks... that helps. Would it be

Ele me pediu uma carta

Nos perguntamos quem é o presidente de México.


That is exactly correct. He asked me for/requested a letter from me. We ask who the president of Mexico is.


Think of «perguntar» as "to ask," and «pedir» as "to request."

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