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"Zij is precies zo mooi als haar moeder."

Translation:She is exactly as beautiful as her mother.

January 21, 2015



Does anyone else think the given translation sounds a bit odd? I haven't reported it, because I want to see what others think. Would we say: "exactly as beautiful as..."? I think a more natural English phrase would be: "just as beautiful as...", especially in the context of comparing two people; one is just as beautiful as the other. I cannot be sure we would never say: "exactly as beautiful", but I cannot think of an example where it sounds right. Maybe of identical twins, to emphasise that their beauty is not only equal, but identical?


Well precies has the same exactness as exactly has. Net zo mooi is more natural in Dutch too, this translates exactly to just as beautiful.


Thank you - perhaps it's one of those Duolingo specials that sound a bit strange in either language. I think the reason it sounds unnatural to me is that such precision is at odds with a highly subjective quality like beauty. Even if two people are both very beautiful, it's impossible to say they're "exactly as beautiful", partly because beauty is subjective, but partly because no two people are beautiful in exactly the same way - unless, perhaps, you are talking about identical twins. You can say two people are exactly the same height or weight - any quality that is measurable - but can you say they're exactly as beautiful? I realise the example is only to teach the word, not to prompt a philosophy debate about whether it ever makes sense to say it. It's certainly no worse than: "Zijn grootvader is een schaap". ;)


Tina, I don' t know if it is because of what you wrote in your comment, but 'just' (June 23) is accepted by Duo now. Even if 'exactly' should be removed I believe, for the reason you mentioned. Bye, Lu.


Yes I agree Tina, I made the same comment but it was not so elegant as yours and thus it was deleted. I was born and bred in Britain and the translation sounds awkward and clumsy to my ear. We might even say. She is every bit as beautiful as her mother. I think that here we have a transliteration not a translation.


I think you are quite right, Tina - "just as beautiful" is right.


Never say this to a girl


...if her name is Stacy


My previous exercise was "Hij is precies zo snel als het paard." Duo translated that to "as fast as a horse," which doesn't sound so exact, like it's an overstatement for effect. I left out "exactly" from this exercise and Duo accepted it.

So I guess my question is, in Dutch, does "precies" mean exactly "exactly" or is it used more for hyperbole?

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