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Learning Arabic

I love the Duolingo community and learning French through this site.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a site akin to Duolingo where I might learn Arabic, aside from Lang-8 (http://lang-8.com/). I'm sure Duolingo is planning to bring more languages on board in the future, but I was just wondering if anyone in the community could help with any pointers here.


August 1, 2013



You could look at Livemocha.


Oh yes! Thank you! I had forgotten about that service. (It is not as fun as Duolingo.)


So, did livemocha work out for you?

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I visited there, and it was a nightmare. They've removed any search function to browse either submissions to correct or to search for "language partners," and you're locked onto one screen. I sure hope that I just missed something, as it was probably the most frustrating experience I've had in months--I am not exaggerating. It was hellish.

They promise a new "language partner" system "coming soon." Right. Now there's a smart management decision. Remove something that was perfectly viable and replace it with nothing. This, as well as the totally "locked in feeling" I had, trying to navigate the site, is about what one would expect from Rosetta Stone, who now owns livemocha.

Too bad. There was a lot of good there, even if the "lessons" were just okay. Actually, from what I saw yesterday, the lessons may have improved somewhat. The ability to interact with people there to correct and discuss one's spoken or written language attempts was really great, but now it's gone.

Apologies, duolingo, for discussing another site on your dime.


I had started using it about five months ago for about a month, but I, too, did not like the system changes I had noticed from when I had used it about a year or two ago. The lessons have improved, but it isn't as dynamic or fun as duolingo. Plus, later levels require payment, thanks to Rosetta Stone. Honestly, if Duolingo could bring in more languages, it would easily rival Livemocha's array of languages because its system is much better and more collective.


It looks like several new languages will soon be coming online at duolingo from the incubator. So far, from what I have seen w/ the incubated "English for Russian Speakers" course, the incubator courses are as good as the original courses. It's marvelous.


I saw that! That IS exciting. If I was more fluent with Japanese, I would totally jump in and help. I took two years of it, but that is a difficult language to master with the kanji, katakana, and hiragana.

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