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  5. "De arbejder for ham."

"De arbejder for ham."

Translation:They work for him.

January 21, 2015



Some of these examples have a kind of mafia vibe, I like that


My first impression is "they are bargaining for ham"


Can you also say virker for?


No. Arbejde is work as in job/labour, virke means to work/to function (e.g "it's working" - "det virker"). Virke can also mean "seem" as in "det virker underligt" = "it seems strange/weird"


Men kan du Dannevirke? Undskyld. Jeg elsker historisk.

[deactivated user]

    Whoever wrote these lessons has some pretty sadistic humor


    My answer for this task was "They are working for him" and I was told by Duo, that I used the wrong word. Why is the construction with 'to be' + -ing not accepted? Shouldn't it be supposed to be accepted as a correct answer?


    Maybe do they go to the white elephants for him


    they work for ham


    The previous example was 'Manden drikker en ol for morgenmed'. I answered 'the man drinks a beer for breakfast'. I got it wrong because it should have been 'before breakfast'. But in this example: 'De arbejder for ham', the word 'for' means 'for'. So how do you tell the difference between drinking a beer before breakfast, and 'drinking a beer for breakfast'. Does Danish not have an equivalent of having something 'for breakfast'? Like we would say in the UK: I had sausages for breakfast.

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