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Immersion and Words for Swedish

Will there be a words section and an immersion section for the Swedish (from English) course?

If so, about how far away do you think they are?

January 21, 2015



Also, if you want to get a list of your words: this works. Just follow the instructions.


To my understanding, both of these things depend on Swedish leaving beta, with the words tab probably coming right away and the immersion possibly taking a bit longer. Unfortunately, Swedish won't be leaving beta until the problems with the current TTS system are fixed. Who knows how long this will take... it sounds like they need to straight up find a new TTS system to use.


Wow, that's hard. But probably entirely necessary as TTS in swedish is vital as pronunciation is both tricky and important. Hopefully they are also working on getting an extra keypad available for the extra vowels.

Why does it have to leave beta before words (etc) can be added?


That is an excellent question that I cannot answer. Who knows, maybe they'll break the pattern and add a words tab during beta at some point if the TTS takes too long to fix.

As for the extra vowels, if you are using a computer it's pretty easy to 'add' another keyboard setting for Swedish. "ö" is where ":" is, "ä" is where " ' " is, and "å" is where "[" is, and all the other letters are in the same place so it won't mess up your typing. If you are using windows I can explain how to add the Swedish keyboard.


Could you explain it? Thanks, that sounds really useful.


On your taskbar there should a "language bar" - just a small icon near the clock which will say "EN" if your keyboard is set to English. If this is the case you can actually just click there to expand it and click the menu to get to settings. If this is not the case you just have a bit more clicking to do and you'll need to read the next paragraph, but it will get you to the same place.

Open your start menu and go to the control panel. There should be a section for Clock Language and Region. Within that section there is an option to "change keyboards or other input methods." Clicking on this should open a new window where you are in the "keyboards and languages" tab. From here you can click change keyboards. This opens the window that you are interested in and that you can get to easily from the language bar on the desktop.

There should be a list of keyboards already installed (probably just English). Next to this list there is an option to add a keyboard. Click on that and select the keyboard you wish to add. You can remove keyboards here as well if you decide you don't want them showing up in the list anymore. I also recommend looking at the "advanced key settings tab" - here you can see what keys to press to easily switch between languages. The default for me was 'left alt + shift'. Alternatively, you can simply switch languages by clicking on the language bar and selecting another language which you have "installed".

A note on changing languages: each program you have running separately keeps track of what keyboard you are using. If your default keyboard is English and you open up a window of google chrome and a window of microsoft word (random examples) and switch the language for chrome to Swedish, the language for word will still be English, as well as on the desktop. This should all be easily seen on the taskbar as the EN will change to SV.


Thank you so much!

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