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  5. "Ich habe einen Fernseher."

"Ich habe einen Fernseher."

Translation:I have a TV.

January 22, 2015



I saw Duo mention TV in two different ways: das Fernsehen and der Fernseher... is there a rule to use them (genitive, dative) or are they interchangeable?


According to dictionary "das Fernsehen" stands for a television program, the technology, a company etc., while "der Fernseher" is a TV set (device).


Similar to the distinction in Spanish between "la televisión" (broadcast, programming, company, industry) and "el televisor" (the actual tv set/appliance/device)


These are actually two different words, both of which are in the dictionary. I can't, however, explain the difference, because I got confused myself. I hope someone would clear the difference for us.


Is 'Ferenseher' a common way to refer to a TV? Is there a slang for it? Thanks in advance


Fernseher for television set is very common, other ways to refer to it are Fernsehapparat or Fernsehgerät. A slang term for TVs is Röhre (= tube), but with all the LCD and plasma displays replacing the cathode ray tubes, I doubt it will be used for much longer. Another slang term is Glotze (from glotzen = stare, gawk).


Since when is "telly" wrong?


For me they are interchangable


Didn't give this answer, but does "I have a telly" work?

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