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  5. "I am sorry, goodbye."

"I am sorry, goodbye."

Translation:Tá brón orm, slán.

January 22, 2015



"Irish breakup"? :-)


"Níl sé tú, tá sé mé."


Being a quality instead of a situation, I think "Ní t(h)ú, is mé" would be more appropriate...

What bothers me is that "slán go foill" is not accepted, as it's the formula I was taught and it comes out automatically... grrr


Oh crap, I hadn't thought of that. Good point. XD


I thought slán go foill meant Bye for now not I am sorry, goodbye


Excalibur's 2 year old comment suggested that he submitted Tá brón orm, slán go fóill, not just slán go fóill


Ní tusa fé ndear é, ach mise.


What does orm mean?


Orm = ar + = “on me”.


I thought Tá brón orm meant I am sad not sorry?


Yes, Tá brón orm means "I am sad" but Tá brón orm is how we say "I'm sorry" in Irish

("sorry" comes from "sorrow" in English too).


It is a bit too strong for "I'm sorry"


Which brings up an interesting dialect issue with Hiberno-English. Tá brón orm is a strong apology, whereas if you just want to say "sorry", in the sense of "oops, sorry about that" or an interjection like "sorry, can you say that again?", you'd be more likely to use gabh mo leithscéal, which is usually translated as "excuse me".

When Irish people are pushing their way through a crowd, for example, they will often say "sorry, can I get through there?", which I'm told is a little bit confusing for people in other parts of the world, who expect "excuse me, can I get through there?"


I was taught slán leat / slán agat depending on whether the speaker was staying or leaving. Guess that's a bit tricky to convey in Duo lessons.


"Tá cathú orm, slán" should also be accepted. It's a slightly different dialect (from the Gaeltacht of An Rinn) but nonetheless valid.


How come when I do a couple of lessons, I only get credit for one? I am doing Irish now, but this has happened with other languages on other days. Can someone explain why I can't get full credit for the lessons ?


This is a Sentence Discussion. If you have concerns about the way Duolingo awards credit or tracks your progress, you should post your question in the Troubleshooting Forum.


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