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Italian newspapers

While completing the skill tree, I tend to subscribe to newspapers of the language I am learning, get in touch with their day-to-day life, and enhance the vocab. I used Der Spiegel for German(which btw i found to be using a lot of really hard words than other german newspapers) and Le monde for french. Which would be the recommended newspaper, one with more general vocabulary? I hear that La Repubblica is rather good. Any suggestions?

August 1, 2013


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As of 2012 the "biggest" newspapers (sport ones aside) were, in order:

  • il Corriere della Sera - Milan
  • la Repubblica - Rome
  • La Stampa - Turin (controlled by FIAT)
  • Il Sole 24 ORE - Milan (finance-oriented, edited by the business union ConfIndustria)
  • il Resto del Carlino - Bologna
  • il Giornale - Milan (edited by Berlusconi's family)

I don't read all of them, and all of them have their elitist and populist journalists. I think Repubblica is the most accessible one and La Stampa the most refined one, and I like the Sole articles too. Not sure which to suggest, honestly.


Thanks for such a detailed reply. I guess given the recent incidents "il Giornale" won't have much to say!

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Oh journalists always have something to say :P So far they've only written a rushed article with some typos about his lawyers' astonishment and how they're evaluating if they could appeal to the European court (http://www.ilgiornale.it/news/interni/i-legali-cav-sgomenti-faremo-ricorso-europa-940453.html). Tomorrow's edition should be fun as Berlusconi declared a few days ago that if he lost he'd willingly go to jail, and his newspapers will probably try to make people forget about it :P

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