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Adding students who don't have email.

I currently use DuoLingo with a 4th grade class, but in order to set them up with accounts, I had to use the students' school email addresses, which they actually don't yet have a way to access. (It was a roundabout way of getting them in, since they are too young to create email accounts.) Anyway, I would LOVE to use the school version with them, but I need a way to add each of their DuoLingo usernames without the students having to click on an email, since they won't be able to access the emails. As it is, I maintain a list of the logins I created for them, so I can log into each of their accounts and check their progress. It sounds like a classroom portal would make this SO much easier!!

Is there any way I can do this?

January 22, 2015



If you can access their accounts, then there is a progress sharing option on their settings pages. You can enter the email address associated with your account there to share their progress with your dashboard.


Firstly, if they are too young to have an email account, you have to ask yourself, are they old enough to use Duolingo?

Secondly, Duo do not check email addresses so unless it is important for them receive emails, you could just make up addresses for them.


I had an email address when I was five. What's the big deal?

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