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  5. "I eat at his place."

"I eat at his place."

Translation:Jag äter hos honom.

January 22, 2015



What is the difference between honom and hans?


Honom - him Hans - his Apparently we are supposed to use honom ans henne with hos


'Honom' *and 'henne'


A note:

I think we use "honom" = "him" because "hos" is more like "at the place of" so "hos honom" = "at the place of him." This sounds strange in English, since instead of "of him" we just say "his", as in "at his place."

"Hos hans ..." would be "at the place of his ..." which begs the question, at the place of his what? His neighbor? His mom? His dog?

I'm new to Swedish, but I'm a bilingual Canadian, so this makes more sense to me because of French "chez" which works the same way.


Can that not be mistaken for "I eat his house"?


No, "hos" doesn't work that way.


Well, why not? How does "hos" work then? How would you say "I eat his house"?


"I eat his house" = "Jag äter hans hus"

Here are a ton of examples of how "how" is used (if the link doesn't take you to the definition, just search for hos)

[deactivated user]

    Does "hos" work something like "chez" in French?


    Yes, that's exactly how it works. "Hos" and "chez" are both prepositions. That's the simple answer to almost all the discussions in this page.

    (Of course, when "hos" isn't the possessive of "ho", meaning "trough" :) )


    Why would "Jag äter på hans huset" be incorrect?


    We never use the definite form after the genitive or possessive pronouns. It would be like saying his the house in English.

    And when we're talking about being in a house, we use the preposition i – much like you probably wouldn't say I eat on his house in English.


    No "jag äter hos hans"?


    No, we don't say that.


    Jag äter på hans hos would be fine?

    [deactivated user]

      I think you would use "i" instead of "på," and "hus" instead of "hos."


      Why is "Jag äter åt hos honom" wrong?


      I have the same question as Steven8456 and Arwahbu below. When would you use åt? Why is “Jag äter åt hos honom” wrong?


      Hos is a preposition in and of itself, so it basically has the åt built in. It doesnt translate directly to house, and functions like the french 'chez' (e.g. my place being chez moi)


      Why not ”jag äter åt hans hus”?


      Its not a question so why is honom not last?


      I answered " Jag äter åt hos honom" but the correct translation was Jag äter hos honom, since the English has an "at" in the sentence how come using åt is wrong? i'm a bit confused to when i should use preposition and when not to use them


      "Hos" means "at...place." "Jag äter åt hos honom" would translate to "I eat at at his house." I find prepositions pretty confusing, too, laregly because there aren't true one to one translations.


      Why can't the robot say the English sentances

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