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Personalized practice

I am not sure whether there is a discussion about this that already exists. When I was practicing my words, I found that many of them I don't need to practice because I know them too well, while other words I find very tricky and hard to remember. I thought it would be very helpful if I could personalize my practice lessons by selecting the words I need more practice on and adding them into my 'weak' words. I am a new user to duolingo and enjoy it a lot so far! So if there is such an option that already exists please tell me! Thank you very much :)

August 1, 2013



It has been suggested before, but I can't support this enough. Just now I clicked "practice weakest words" and I got the easiest bunch I can translate in my sleep, while the vocables that always slip my mind don't seem to drop in strength since I practice them again and again, even though I peek or get them wrong. I would suggest, if the automatic that makes words weaker stays so forgiving (which I'd hope it would not), that we at least get the ability to manually "tear" them down to a weaker strength, so we get them more often automatically.


This should hopefully be continuously improved as it's a matter of balancing e.g. peeking and failing, but I agree it's a clear problem at the moment. There are some phrases I can type in before the voice is finished reading.


Ramzanni, if you click the vocabulary tab on the menu bar, it takes you to your vocabulary list. Search for the word you need to practice. Let's say it's "opera". When Duolingo shows you the search results containing "opera", click on the blue "opera". That brings up a screen with the definition of "opera", example sentences, and an option to practice just that word. You get a couple of practice sentences to translate. When you are through you are back on the definition page and can elect to practice again, with different sentences. Bonus - you get a point for every completed translation. A quick way to get those last 2 points for the next level! HTH


I like the idea of being able to maybe decay words by yourself - if that's what you mean.


Yeah, maybe something like a checklist at the end of the topic, it would have all the new words you learned from this topic and you could rate which words you remember well and which need some more practice.


This is a great suggestion, Ramzani!


Yes, I'm finding the same thing. I'm seeing that in real life I feel much more fluent because of the repeated practice.

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