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  5. "Sin justicia no habrá paz."

"Sin justicia no habrá paz."

Translation:Without justice there will not be peace.

August 1, 2013



Why not "Without justice there will be no peace"?


In the Spanish the verb is negated, in your version the noun is negated. Maybe Duo cares about that stuff.


The meaning is the same.


... and this is a translation FROM Spanish TO English. In English the literal translation is "Without justice there will be no peace", not some Duolingo Shakespearanisms. Since Duolingo is actually making us translate Internet into different languages (don't know if you realized that) it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case (us translating a collective work of Shakespeare :))


Que es justicia? Justicia para quien? Justicia de economica? Justicia de social? Hay una problema con esto pais.


2016 No Justice, No Peace. Not accepted, though. Especially since my strengthening exercise includes translations such as " En ese país no hay libertad de expresión."


why "there will not be peace without justice" is wrong when "there will be no peace..." is right?


Why is it not - sin la justice - I don't understand why the direct article is omitted.

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