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Irish in school

Hey Evereyone! Just thought i would share a typical example of a sheet we would get in our irish class in school :)

Sorry these are sideways they won't rotate :D

EDIT: i Should be in school today but there's a teacher's strike :D

January 22, 2015



Nice idea to share that!

Would you mind taking a second picture showing all of the questions? :) Would be nice to have a go at some point! :P


ya no prob give me a few minutes :)


Ah, I wish I'd of been able to learn Irish in school! Or at least use Duolingo. XD This seems really cool! I wonder if you can find anything like this online.


ya i love it! But you would be surprised how many people hate it!


For which grade is this, if I may ask? Or maybe it would be more useful to ask for how long students have been learning Irish when they get texts like this one?


i think the equivalent of 9/10 th and well 9 years but we only started reading about 5 years ago and about 2years ago we started do more complicated stuff.


It's so sad that they make Irish seem boring in schools... To sort of discourage interest in the language. It should be promoted more, so that more people will want to learn it

[deactivated user]

    This is awesome! :) Thanks for sharing.


    Do you find Irish in school boring? Or is it fun?

    Lol teachers strike :)


    Really fun i love it!

    well for once i agree with them on something but i won'y get to what it's about haha.


    Ok sure...

    I'm going to sleep now but before I do just a question:

    How many of your friends and family know Irish?


    My family know only a few basic words while my friends know a bit but are not interested in taking it seriously unfortunately :/


    That's really sad. At least Duolingo might change that. I myself have been putting off Irish for a while. Too busy with Cornish...

    Nos da


    Ya i know! Most people in Ireland claim that they would love to be fluent in irish so i don't see why there shouldn't be more irish immersion schools (Gaelscoileanna) :(


    OT but, the pictures of the strike were a little... underwhelming

    In Stillorgan

    When I took the Italian equivalent I was fully assessed by my teachers; it's not a bad system, TBH. And it's not like the Junior Cert itself is all that useful.

    Back to topic, thanks for sharing!


    well many people have that one teacher that they can't tolerate and the same in the other direction sooo.. Also there is a question about possible bribary by parents ( you never know!) However i totally agree with you about the junior cert in all honesty being useless!

    And no prob :)


    It sounds similar to Anglophones learning French here in Canada (most likely Francophones learning English too.) If you have a good teacher, it makes all the difference in the world. And there are people who just aren't interested in learning another language at all (poor things.)


    bit of a seperate point. But yes i totally agree, i have probably the best irish teacher in the school,but i have the worst french teacher in the school and without duolingo i would really be in trouble with it.


    Love this! Thanks for sharing!


    Spend all that time doing languages here on DL. You'll be happy you did!


    That looks a lot like the Latin sheets we did in my Latin classes, here in America. Except, I mean, Latin is a lot less useful . . . :)

    Thanks for sharing!


    I have always found Latin very useful, not least when I started learning Irish (all that prior experience of conjugations, declensions etc). In much of Europe, having Latin is like having X-ray specs on other languages.

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