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"Spelaren skjuter bollen i mål."

Translation:The player shoots the ball in the goal.

January 22, 2015



I visualize the player with a pistol taking a shot at one of several balls, the one in the goal. If he is kicking a ball, or driving it with a hockey stick, it will be "into" (the) goal.


This answer is accepted too.


Why does this sentence appear in Politics instead of Sport?


Because of the word "skjuter". The sentences aren't handpicked for each lesson, Duo has a list of words to teach and randomly picks sentences containing these words, disregarding context. As for why the word "skjuter" is in the "politics" lesson, a contributor comment in another comment section said that the default politics lesson, which this one is based on, includes words related to war, like for example how you shoot a gun.


in the goal is a bit too literal in English. into would better convey the action.


And even that's a bit... odd. Grammatical but you'd never say it.


Why is it not in i in this sentence?


No real reason other than a quirk of the language, I'd say.


Does it mean the player scored or that s/he shot on target? At least in soccer, there can be shots (which totally missed the goal), shots on target (but the goalkeeper/other player prevented the successful score) and goals (self-explanatory).


It specifically means s/he scored.


into instead of in?

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