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  5. "Orange är en särskild färg."

"Orange är en särskild färg."

Translation:Orange is a special color.

January 22, 2015



Orange är det nya svarta. XD


Actually wouldn't it be Orange är det nytt svart? Pretty sure your suffixes have to agree...


The rule is that you need the definite form for all three. :)


The 'sk' in 'särskild' seems to be pronounced differently in the flow of the sentence as opposed to the isolated word .. ?


I heard the same thing too. Any native speaker can confirm if there's any change in the pronunciation when särskild is pronounced in isolation versus in a sentential environment?


Leaving a comment so I can get a notification.


I want to know too, it confuses me with two different pronunciations


I've just asked my Swedish husband.... he says both pronunciations are correct. The difference is down to dialect. How you say it depends which part of Sweden you come from.
It doesn't matter whether the word is on its own or in a sentence.

The sk/skj/sj sound is pretty difficult for an English tongue (I'm told it's not that easy for a Swedish tongue either!). For me, it comes out as something like a combination of 'sh' (like in shiny) and a semi-hard 'h'. Hard to explain.


Thank you, DMF. Not sure if you're still around, but if so, which regions say it which way? My impression is that Duo has gone back and forth between "sh" and (what I generally write as) "fwh." Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I know I've heard both.


Is this sentence from lesson 2 in the colour skill? I just did this lesson twice but it never appeared. I need to find the lesson to be able to listen to the slow version :).


It's in lesson 8 of the Adjectives 1 skill.


usually, färg is thranslated both as 'colour' and 'paint', but here the 'paint' translation is marked as wrong. Is it a mistake or there are some situations where 'farg' can't mean 'paint'?


"Färg" can only mean "paint" if you're referring to the physical substance used when painting - otherwise it's "colour".


Well, why can't it be 'paint' in this sentence? As one of the a 'special collection' of paints in the paints store?


You'd probably make orange determinate if you wanted to say that, both in English and in Swedish. Like, the orange one is a special paint or something like that.


That makes sense. Tack!


After checking with my Engelsk-Svensk Ordbok, I used the English word "distinctive" instead of "special", which I think works. And, yet ....


I'd say that's a fringe translation - särskild usually does not mean "distinctive".


When I read this, I thought of 'safety orange,' 'international orange' or 'indian orange.' All of those are codified, specific colors that are regulated.


Is it normal that orange is pronounced with sh sound or is it just tts?


Yes, that's normal :).


So is brandgul no longer used for orange? Or is it a different orangey color?


It's synonymous but much more rare. Borderline old-fashioned, though definitely not archaic.


Sure, we accept that as well when translating into Swedish.


I could be wrong, but I thought I read somewhere the the Swedish word for 'special' is similar to the English word - special / specialt - If not, then I was just having a weird dream - Ha!


The adjective is speciell, but for compounds, we use special-.


Would "Orange is a specific color" be a good translation?


Arguably, but I would much prefer specifik for that meaning.

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