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"The director has the perfect role for the actor."

Translation:Direktøren har den perfekte rolle til skuespilleren.

January 22, 2015



In this context 'director' should be 'instruktøren'. NOT 'direktøren'.


I was thinking the same


Coming back to this for practice after 350 crowning the course, I find that I don't understand why this sentence the director has the perfect role TIL the actor, but in another sentence in the same set you ask someone what roles are interesting FOR them. Maybe if working on a new version of the course, make a lesson that comprehensively teaches about when to til and when to for?


I lived in Denmark for two years. From what I understand, there are no real "rules" for til and for. Just like how there are no real rules for the gender of each word. You just have to memorize which prepositions go with what phrases. If you have something for someone to do or use, you use til: "Jeg har en gave til dig", "Jeg har lavet mad til dig", etc.

I hope that helps (at least for this sentence). I agree that it would be nice for a lesson specifically dedicated to the topic.

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