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"Home" language suddenly changed

I'll try to get help here as my support requests have not yet been answered.

When I opened my account I did so in English that being the language I speak. After months of using my account without any problems, one day I logged in and saw my account language in something other than English. I believe it may be Dutch, but that is irrelevant.

I have no idea how or why the setting for my account changed on its own. I did not do anything to change it. It literally was English one day and the next it was not.

I am not referring to the language I chose to learn. This is the language that one sets up the account under.

Does anyone have any idea at all as to how to fix this?

January 22, 2015



Hit the arrow next to your profile picture and go to settings. Click out the second bar down that says "learning language", put in "I want to learn German from English", and hit save.


Or, just go to the below link and select from the drop down.


Whew! Thanks, that worked. Don't ask me how it got mixed up.

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