"Kina är ett stort land."

Translation:China is a big country.

January 22, 2015

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To everyone: this sentence appears to be buggy. We currently accept the following answers:

  • China is a big country
  • China's a big country
  • China is a large country
  • China's a large country

Yet we also have lots of error reports of those exact translations not being accepted. We have no idea what the cause is, but at least please know that if you entered any of the above, you were correct - even if the system says otherwise.


As a Chinese girl, this is the first word I learned in Sweden:)


'Kina' is pronounced incorrectly here. Should be with the sj-sound as in 'kedja'.


Well, it is the tj-sound (or tje-sound, both are used). I won't link to forvo since the person who has recorded "Kina" has such a strong northern accent :).


Yes, the tje-sound of course :)

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