Today I reached "100 day streak" and passed the third checkpoint of Dutch!

I know this may sound nothing, comparing to those who'd done the tree, or have 3xx strikes.... but to me this is a milestone and I really want to post something to put it in memory!

I'm bad at keeping good habits, so I'm also surprised that I could keep this on till 100 (with some help of the streak freeze function, I admit XD)

Now learning Dutch and practicing on Duolingo has been a part of my life :D Thank you so much, Duolingo, for making learning Dutch so much fun; and thanks to Team Dutch for your hard works and thanks to all the people who are answering questions in discussions!

Hope I'll keep on going and finish the Dutch tree!

Dag! :D

3 years ago

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Congrats, keep on learning!

3 years ago

Congratulations! Good luck on continuing it.

3 years ago
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Biiiiiigggg Congratulations! I'm almost done with 3rd checkpoint as well! :D Like you, it's indeed a milestone for me too! :D

Veel succes!

3 years ago
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Congratulations! We appear to be at just about the same point in Dutch. I reached a 100-day streak yesterday too, and I'm midway between the third and fourth checkpoints. Best wishes for completing your tree!

3 years ago

Dit is inderdaad fantastisch. Ik volg een cursus Engels en ben ook fier op elke vooruitgang. Ik ben nu als een gek aan het vertalen om in rang 2 te raken. Duolingo is verslavend maar zo leuk.Doe zo voort groetjes

3 years ago

Well done! I'm finding it hard to make it to 100 myself. You've smashed it!

3 years ago
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gefeliciteerd! :) Ik heb gisteren mijn 100-dagen-reeks voltooid :)

3 years ago
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