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"He only sleeps on clean sheets."

Translation:Han sover bara på rena lakan.

January 22, 2015



Differentiation of when to use "i" and "på" is so unclear! :(


Well, sadly, most languages lack consistency for prepositions in translation.


I have a feeling that "på" is used a lot, probably more than "on". We say "på Ikea", "på gott humör", "på tåget" etc.

Here is a quiz :)!


Like in and on and at, you mean :)?


But they don't seem to be entirely interchangeable in every context?


Is "lakan" singular or plural?


"Lakan" has the same form for both singular and plural, but here you can tell it is plural because of the adjective "rena"

[deactivated user]

    Is this really right? That both 'i' and 'på' mean 'on?' Not 'within' and 'on top of'?


    Reading the comments, I see that lakan is an ett word. I'm assuming that is why the plural rena is paired with what seemed to me a definite singular word? A bit confusing for the first exposure to the noun!


    Looking elsewhere, I found that "lakan" is indefinite, and can be both singular and plural, and the definite plural is "lakanen." So, I think the definite singular would be "lakanet."

    This would follow the same pattern as "brev," "barn," and "år."

    Hopefully a mod will correct me if I'm wrong. :D

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