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Seeing student XP for all-time, not just week to week

It would be really great to be able to see the students progress (and XP) over their entire time on Duolingo, rather than just week to week. Is this option available? I am only seeing a drop down menu for each week.

January 22, 2015



I agree. I would also like to be able to switch among this week/this month/all time on the Duolingo Android App. Many thanks.


I agree on this, too.


Sure. I already mentioned this suggestion. :) They're working on it. Glad to see other teachers also miss this feature.


It is already possible, and here is how you do it: first you need to "follow" your students. This will make their usernames appear on the "leaderboard" on the lower right corner of your homepage. Their XP earnings are ranked there together with yours. There are tabs on the top of the leaderboard and you can toggle between "this week," "this month," and "all time." Cheers!


Looks like this was taken into account with the new update for the dashboard. Looks great, thanks a million, Duolingo team!!


Yes, It is so amazing how interactively responsive Duolingo is to its users!


I can see all time because I require all students to follow me


Suddenly my dashboard has gone back to the weekly, and does not show the all time. Anyone know what gives? Thanks...

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