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Danish Language Assignments

<h1>Danish Language Assignments</h1>

Is Duolingo getting a little too repetitive for you? Do you crave writing in Danish, but don't know what to write about? Do you want some help perfecting your Danish writing? Then stay put!

Your eyes are not lying to you, we are attempting an experiment and we will be perfecting this along the way. We are going to start posting a new Danish assignment weekly or biweekly. The assignments will mostly be writing occassionally with some reading or listening included.

Q: So what is this?

A: This is an opportunity for you to practice your Danish and have somebody correct your work

Q: Who's doing the correcting?

A: Anybody can help correcting. Think a bit like the Immersion, where people will "vote" for the best correction

Q: So how will this work?

A: Every assignment will have its own thread here on Duolingo. Our suggestion so far is that you use Google Docs to do your solution, and once it's done you comment on the assigment thread with the link. As long as you allow for comments then people can comment with their corrections. People can then reply, on Duolingo, to the people whose assignments they went through.

Q: How difficult will the assignments be?

A: We are going to create 3 different levels that the assigments will be in: Beginner (I), Intermediate (II), and Advanced (III). Assignments will be assigned recommended levels, e.g. some assignments will be recommended for only Advanced, some will be recommended for Beginner and Intermediate, but nobody says you can't do the assignment no matter your level. We will also have assignments that are recommended for all levels.

Q: Where will I find the assignments?

A: You will find a link to all the given assignments right here!

Q: Great, when do we start?

A: Right now! Your first assignments are already here



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Vi glæder os til at høre fra jer - Team Danish Dynamite.

January 22, 2015



Great idea ! By the way, for exercises I use the ones on dr.dk/nyheder/ligetil . Once per week, they produce 4 or 5 exercises about the articles on the site, ask questions and give answers. Very useful and adapted to beginners (I am at half the tree here).


How do you have such a big streak?


I took the habit to do at least one lesson every day. When at work, I do it right after lunch. I lost the streak once when I was around 90.


Do you ever use streak freezes?


I used them once or twice, it saved my streak :) on days I know I won't have any internet access, or leave home early and come back after midnight... I always have one equipped.


Hej, Jeg er NVPP31. Jeg er så glad med Duoling fordi jeg vil gerne at lære dansk og jeg har en rigtig god tid med det. Det er lidt svær for mig at lær dansk men nu er jeg motivere til det :) med duolingo!

Jeg elsker at læse og danse. Jeg har boet i danmark for mange år men som jeg arbejder på engelsk jeg bruger ikke min dansk.




Hello! Nice to meet you :) Great assignment (although it would have been nice if you've posted it in the introduction assignment forum thread - but don't mind that now!) Here are some corrections:

  • "Jeg er så glad for Duolingo, fordi jeg gerne vil lære dansk, og jeg har en rigtig god oplevelse med det." In Danish you don't say you "have a good time" that phrase simply doesn't exist. But you can say that you are having a good experience. :) If you are happy about something you say "Jeg er glad for..." example: Jeg er glad for mad. Jeg er glad for at bo i byen. Etc. :)

  • "Det er lidt svært for mig at lære dansk, men nu er jeg motiveret til det." I am so glad you are having such a nice experience! :'D It warms my heart <3 So don't worry about all these corrections, I understand you perfectly and any other Dane would. ;) Please ask if you want further explanation on the corrections. :)

  • Denmark is also capitalized in Danish: "Danmark" Just for the record ;)

  • I have lived in Denmark for many years becomes: Jeg har boet i Danmark i mange år

  • But since I work in Engelsk, I do not use my Danish becomes: men siden jeg arbejder på engelsk, bruger jeg ikke mit dansk.

I hope everything was clear! :D Great assignment, you are understandable, the grammar will come later, don't worry about it. I wish you good luck with learning Danish! :D


Fantastic! It would be incredibly helpful if there would be some speaking exercises in Danish. I know they exist on Spanish lang, but haven't seen a single one in Danish, while Danish is soooooooo hard to pronounce.


Do you know of any upcoming projects of this sort in the other languages??


No, this is something the brilliant minded Bjarke from Team Danish came up with. :) But perhaps I can suggest it. What language(s) would you like to have assignments to?


I love this idea by the way. I'm hoping to stay in Aarhus for a month for a summer course and I only started learning Danish a week ago. I absolutely love Duolingo


Duolingo is awesome!!!

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The thing about Google docs is people tend to have accounts which show their full name. For privacy reasons some people may not want to use Google docs for these assignments.

Otherwise an excellent idea!


Hi. :) We are aware of this problem. We will think about other medias for the assignments, meanwhile you can submit the assignment in the related comment section. :)


you can just create a second google account if you're concerned about privacy in this way


Please do! I shall need something like this before I (possibly) leave to study in Denmark in a year or so.


Could the same thing be done for French students?


I can ask them. :)


I'm probably a beginner but I had to look at the second one because I wanted a bit more immersion in the language. I didn' t actually try the assignment but I went to the website and read the article. I opened 2 pages of it so I could hear the words ( by clicking on the "læs op" button) while reading them. I found it very helpful for listening comprehension.


thanks i needed this ;)


Thank you for sharing these naterials


Please make a very, very, very, basic assignment for me!


I am going to do that! Check for new assignments regularly here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9329908

[deactivated user]

    Hvor vanskelig tror dere det hadde vært for meg som snakker norsk å lære dansk?

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    Lett å lese, litt rart å stave, noe vanskeligere å lytte til!

    [deactivated user]

      Det var det jeg tenkte. Takk uansett! ;D


      This is awesome! Is this still going?


      Yes - but in another thread! Here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9329908 One new assignment has been added so far. :)


      Could there be something like this for Portuguese?


      I'll ask them right away!

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