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"Vi har känt varandra sedan vi var barn."

Translation:We have known each other since we were children.

January 22, 2015


[deactivated user]

    To feel and to "know", känner, does this verb carry the meaning of both? (To feel meaning to know an emotion or for an emotion to be present)? I accidentally typed "We have felt each other since we were kids." lol.


    Yes it can mean both.

    Your sentence could be correct, but then you you’d probably use the preposition , so känna på is more ”feel, touch”.


    What's going on? My submission was correct, as I was instructed to submit what I heard ... which was in Swedish (not English).


    Does Swedish always use a present perfect like English does? Is: 'Vi känner varandra sedan vi var barn' (the present tense like in Dutch and German) also correct?

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