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  5. "Jag dricker vin."

"Jag dricker vin."

Translation:I drink wine.

January 22, 2015



What is the difference between drYcker and drIcker?


Drycker is the plural of en dryck (a drink), i.e. a noun, whereas dricker is the present tense of the verb dricka (to drink). They differ in pronunciation in that y is pronounced with rounded lips, much like German ü or French u. They also differ in pitch accent, the tonal melody is a bit different.


Out of interest, does Swedish have two different present tenses, like English and Irish (I drink, I am drinking, Ólaim, Tá mÉ ag ól) ? Or does this tense cover both aspects?


It covers both aspects.


are the plural forms of vin - viner, vinerna - widely used? English is not my native tongue and I'm not too sure if "wines" is correct. Sounds kind of odd though

But the reason I asked this question is because vin seems to have a very weird declension for an ett-word


Yes, they are used if you're talking about several types of wines. You might, for example, be talking about the different kinds of wines served at a restaurant, in which case you'd use "viner".


Could you use this in a way so that it'd be an answer to a question like "Do you drink any alcohol?" Or is this strictly for saying that you are currently drinking wine?


I translated this as 'im drinking wine' and it corrected me to 'i drink wine'. Before there was no difference :(


lol the girl is like "yeah whatever"

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