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Gato vs Gata

I.m confused. Isn't the word itself masculine? How are you supposed to know when you're talking about a female cat to translate it correctly?

August 1, 2013



If you don't know that it's a female cat, just call it a gato. :)


el gato is male, la gata is female, Some animal names (perro) work this way, and some (tortuga) do not.


How do you know which are which? Is it limited to names that are inherently masculine (end in an 'o')? Or is it just a matter of memorizing a list?


I've just encountered an instance where Duo does not recognize "la gata" as a valid form when translating "the cat." I find this rather annoying, since I have a female cat. In Spanish, both "gata" and "perra" are acceptable usage for the female of the species.

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