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  5. "Tá ochtó bróg agam."

" ochtó bróg agam."

Translation:I have eighty shoes.

January 22, 2015



does this mean 80 pairs or 40 pairs?


Ochtó bróg means “eighty shoes”, so forty pairs of shoes. Although leathbhróg (literally “half-shoe”) means “one shoe of a pair”, it’s péire bróg that’s used for “a pair of shoes”.

I wonder if compound words like leathbhróg, which refer to one of a matched pair of things, derive their second half from a genitive plural rather than from a nominative singular? That is, would the literal translation of leathbhróg be “half of shoes” rather than “half-shoe”?


Well in that case, that Brazilian I used to know had almost twice as much! 40 pairs is nothing!


is'nt bróg suppose to be bróga?


Nope. You generally don't use the plural with numbers in Irish.


especially when counting in tens, you use the singular form of the noun rather than the plural. :)


I'm having trouble with numbers above 100. How would you say 365 days a year? Would it be cúig is trí chéad seasca lá na bliana?


One option is : Cúig lá is trí chéad seasca sa bhliain. (Found on Quizlet : https://quizlet.com/121469767/set-1-6-flash-cards/) OR Trí chéad seasca cúig lá sa bhliain. (From : http://nimill.blogspot.com/2010/03/365.html?m=1)

I know this answer is coming a long time after your question... :-(


and now I have to sort out all the pairs .. ;-)

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