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gå - åka - resa?

Hej! I have got a question, regarding these three words - gå, åka and resa. Could anyone explain me maybe, what's their difference or better when I have to use what? I'm confused by when to use gå or åka and åka or resa. The difference between gå and resa is kinda clear to me, I think, but I don't really understand the rest. Tack för er hjälp(?)!!

January 22, 2015


  • Jag reser is travel
  • Jag går is to walk
  • Jag åker is to go

Just depends on what the sentence is trying to say probably. You can say "I am walking to Germany" and "I am traveling to German" and "I am going to Germany" so it depends on the meaning.


"Åka" means "To go by vehicle", while "Gå" can mean either "To go by foot" or "To walk"

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