"Dans la poubelle"

Translation:In the trash

August 2, 2013



I got an incorrect judgement from "In the garbage" which is what we say to mean "garbage can" in North America.

August 2, 2013


I vividly remember that Angela Lansbury used the term "waste basket" in 1971's "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". I use it whenever I want to sound really cocky. But I haven't tried it here, yet.

August 8, 2013


Oheim: haha. Are you in North America? I call it a 'waste basket' if it is in a bedroom or office, and a 'garbage can/bin' if it's in the kitchen or outside the home. Sometimes I hear people use 'trash' as well.

October 31, 2013


Doesn't work but should. I'm from U.S.A.

October 10, 2014


"in the garbage" works as of March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015


why incorrect?

August 4, 2013


They answered me and said they'd changed it. :)

August 6, 2013


wastebasket should be accepted. I guess Duo changed this from an earlier awkward translation to trash or garbage

February 10, 2014


"wastebasket" not accepted as of 4/24/14. Reported it. It's surprising to me that the Collins French Dictionary does not recognize the term as a possible translation for "poubelle". They use "garbage can", which is, in the U.S., mostly used for large containers. All houses have small bins for trash in most rooms, which are, at least in my region, called wastebaskets.

April 24, 2014


trash basket not accepted 11/6/2017

November 6, 2017


Just to add to the confusion, we have rubbish bins (as distinct from recycling bins) in Australia. Poor DL!

November 5, 2014


My grade seven English teacher always used to say "Rubbish!" when he didn't like what one of his students wrote. ;-) (Canadian school)

I haven't heard anyone say "rubbish" in a long time.

March 4, 2015


Bin is acceptable, garbage can is acceptable, garbage bin is apparently not valid.

July 12, 2014


I've never heard garbage bin used. Brits use bin, North Americans use garbage can (though recycling goes in a recycling bin)

August 22, 2014


In Canada, we also use "garbage can," usually to refer to a larger container, even if it is plastic. Baskets and bins large and small are often referred to as "waste baskets" or simply as "garbage": "Put it in the garbage. It's under the sink."

(The container and its contents are both referred to as "garbage." You might hear something like: "Where's the garbage?" —"Oh, it's empty. I left it outside." Occasionally it is necessary to delineate between the two if there is confusion.)

October 23, 2014


"Garbage bin" is common where I come from, but it's used to describe a large waste bin, not anything anyone would have in their household.

November 30, 2014


I'm from Canada and I use both "garbage bin" and "garbage can". However, I tend to think of "can" as something bigger than a "bin".

I think though that I also use "trash can" and "waste basket".

March 4, 2015


litter bin is also not accepted

September 10, 2016


Oh, this is a great one. LOL. There are quite a few ways to refer to "poubelle" in English: garbage, waste, trash, and rubbish (did I miss any?). I think all of them should be acceptable answers.

Though I find it peculiar that "bin" by itself means "poubelle". "Bin" could also be a "paper bin" or a "recycling bin" (though with the digital age, I don't know who uses "paper bins" now).

March 4, 2015


I called it "wastebasket" cause that's what it told me to put only a few times ago. Now, it's called wrong. 4/7/16

April 8, 2016


and still wrong on 5/9/16. I am english speaking and have been living in a french speaking country for 20 years. If it is in the house, a poubelle can be trash can, waste basket, garbage can, etc. If it is outside the house, it is usually vidange.

May 9, 2016


"Waste basket" is translation for "poubelle" in USA.

February 23, 2017


Just put "waste basket" and was marked wrong on Aug. 14, 2016. Waste bin should work, too, as others have said. This from a U.S. native.

August 14, 2016


when I worI used waste paper basket because in the lab where I worked in France (Montpelier) that's what a poubelle was, according to my French colleagues. DL says wrong. In the US the term 'bin' is never used; 'waste basket' is universally used. Suggest DL accept 'waste basket (if not waste paper basket, in offices). For us, a bin is not in the house.

August 31, 2016


I don't get why rubbish bin works but waste bin does not as of 2/22/17...

February 22, 2017


a poubelle is a waste bin so to make the answer incorrect when "rubbish bin" is not selected is not fair nor correct

April 6, 2017


once 'garbage bin' was fine - then it wasn't okay, suggested answer was 'garbage can'... both are correct.

September 18, 2017


I vote for wastebasket

September 27, 2017


Why is waste bin incorrect? In an earlier question I was asked to translate "In the waste bin", and the answer was "Dans la poubelle"!

October 1, 2017


I love the word "poubelle" - and the combo I heard in France "poubelle de table." I've never really run into anything like a "poubelle de table" at home in the USA so I like to use the phrase - - and use one to put corn cobs or chicken bones in at the table so they don't clutter the plate.

October 1, 2018


In the bin - trash is American English

October 9, 2018


Ou je ira

December 31, 2018


How do you get pou...been out of pou...belle?

February 17, 2019
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