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Gender Of Name Brand Items ie. Dr Pepper

What is the correct gender for ordering as an example a soda in Spanish? Seeing as I believe the name of name brand items like Dr Pepper or Coke don't change from language to language, are they always masculine? If I were to ask for " a Coke" would it be un or una Coke?

November 16, 2012



Masculine is not right. I looked it up because in Italian it is feminine. There it is considered a combination with "limonata" which is feminine. In Spanish it also is feminine: "la coca cola/la coke", "la naranjada" = orange soda.


I think it really depends on what "sounds right" to a native person's ears. Typically, if it ends with "a" it's going to be feminine, while if it ends with "e" or "o" or a consonant, it's going to be masculine. So I would say "El Dr Pepper," but since "coke" is translated "coca" (as in "Coca-Cola"), it would be feminine: La Coca.

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