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"Why do you not pay?"

Translation:¿Por qué no pagas?

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Could it not be "Por qué no pagan?"

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It could, but the 'ustedes' clarifies that it is not "Why do they not pay?"

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Is there any way I can say 'Por qué no tu pagas?'

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I got this wrong.

I was falling asleep when I typed, "Por qué no pago".

I guess when I saw the sentence, some part of me got defensive.

In my sleepy brain it went something like:

DL: Why do you not pay? Me: Why do I not pay? Why do I not pay!? What makes you think I didn't pay? $h¡t, Why didn't you pay!?

And before I knew it, I typed, "Por qué, no pago." For which I got dinged. Duh.

DL then showed me, "¿Por qué, no paga?"

But if it's "you [familiar]", wouldn't that be "pagas"?

In the comment section the suggested answer is given as, "¿Por qué, no pagan ustedes? Which I suppose would be a bit more polite over a sticky matter like money. But wouldn't that make it more like "you-all [formal]"?

In the case of Andrew's alternative translation, "Por qué no tu paga", I'm taking it that would not be correct because "tu" means "your".

If we assume "tu" is a typo for "tú", wouldn't his answer be right (if just a little redundant or emphatic)?

In Randall's post (which the very helpful rspreng responsed to), Randell inquired if, "Por qué, no pagan?" would be acceptable. To which rspreng pointed out that without the additional word "ustedes" the translation loses some of its original clarity.

I unstand his point, but it makes me aware that my knowledge of the word pay's conjugation in Spanish is very shaky.

I pay = (Yo) pago

You [Familiar] pay = Tú pagas

You [Formal]/He/She/ pays = (Usted/Él/Ella) paga

You-All [Formal]/They-Guys & They-All/They-Gals pay = (Ustedes/Ellos & Ellos/Ellas) pagan

We-Guys & We-All/We-Gals pay = (Nosotros & Nosotros/Nosotras) pagamos

Could someone please correct me? I'd greatly appreciate it. :)

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