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  5. "Do the children drink water?"

"Do the children drink water?"

Translation:Drikker børnene vand?

January 22, 2015



why is drikker first?


The verb comes first when asking a question.

  • Drikker børnene vand? - Do the children drink water?
  • Børnene drikker vand. - The children drink water.


So "barn" (child) takes the -t ending, but "børn" (children) takes the -n ending? Or am I confusing myself?


The plural with an article ends with -ene or -e(r)ne, regardless if it is a -n or -t word


but how can you tell the difference between 'ene' and 'erne'?


since børn is the plural form for barn why are we still adding an extra plural suffix -e??? so whats the correct forms of child, the child, children and the children??


et barn = a child
barnet = the child
flere børn = several children
børnene = the children

For plurals that don't add anything to the end in the indefinite form add -ene in the definite form


Very confused about barn vs børn.. Barn is singular, børn is plural? Then why do you have to turn it to plural as in børne??


Yes, barn is singular and børn plural, the ending changes when you add an article: the child = barnet, the children = børnene. I don't think that børne exists, where have you seen that?


There i only one child = der er kun et barn. There are two children = der er to børn

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