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Still having trouble with app

I have had my students use the Duolingo app for almost 6 months now, and gradually I have had more and more difficulty with the app. We now have switched over to the website, since these difficulties do not occur on the website version. But they cannot use the mike on the website, since they have iPads, and the mike is supported by Flash, which is not available on the iPad.

Here is the problem on the app: a student completes one, two or three lessons, and is suddenly BACKED UP on the progress. Whereas they were finished with Basics 2, suddenly they have to re-do two lessons. I have even had these lessons show up as complete on my dashboard, but then they have to be re-done on the app. They are also lost permanently: if a student switches to the website, they still have to re-do them.

Any ideas, tech weenies? Thanks!

January 22, 2015



I use the mobile app for almost everything and I have never had that problem. But I use an iPhone, not an iPad. Maybe you should try deleting and re-installing the app.

EDIT: You might also want to contact Duolingo and see if they can figure it out.


Hi I did have some students delete the app and re-install: it took them straight back to their account without a sign-in, and still let them lose progress. When this happens, most of the time I do not see the completed lesson on my dashboard, either. I know they have finished because I am WATCHING them finish...


That is an idea, thanks

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