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Bhean and fhear?

I am new to the Irish course and I'm currently loving it - congratulations on graduating from Beta, by the way! - but I noticed something in the description of the first lesson of Basics 1. It says 'bhean' and 'fhear', instead of the 'bean' and 'fear' actually taught in the lesson. I'm not entirely certain which is correct; unless they can both be right?

I'm not sure, anyway, and any replies would be very appreciated. (:

January 22, 2015



Fear is normally fear, even after "an" because it's masculine, unless it comes after singular possessive pronouns (mo, do, a) & few other other things that aren't important right now.


an fear

Bean, because it's feminine, is used like that without an article, but as bhean when after an "an" (in addition to that possessive pronoun thing)


an bhean

I think it's some kind of glitch or decision beyond my understanding why they threw an h into the words in the description.


Oh; that makes sense! Thank you! :)

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