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Duolingo over Facebook

Duolingo society I'm so proud to announce you that last week I spent more time on Duolingo than on Facebook which was around 13 hours. I love the Duolingo community and the sense of sharing knowledge and helping each other, plus I spend time learning a language instead of wasting it on social network!!!

I was wondering, is it possible to make duolingo just a bit more social? Of course I would hate getting a news feed of people posting duck faces here like it is on Facebook, what I'm asking for is that I really want to see when my friends are online because I'm competing with them on day to day basis and I want to be able to send private messages with friends and with other people in case we want explain each other something or discuss language issues.

Please let me know what you think, would it be helpful for you as well??

August 2, 2013



I do not like this idea as I like the simplistic and functional look and feel of the duolingo website. I do not want to get distracted by useless chats and waste even more time than I already do on other social media websites.


Sure, but I certainly hope the developers prioritize perfecting the functionality of the actual language teaching architecture over developing social add ons...


I agree. They have to be careful though. Some of us will instantly leave as soon as we see a meme image shared.


a gread idea indeed. I'm pretty sure that someday, the awesome staff of Duolingo will add this feature too. It will be nice to have a chat and more than that, to have a competition feature aswell.


It would be great to be able to consult with people while translating.


Quite recently in a discussion in this forum someone posted a link to lang-8, saying that it was a good way to complement Duolingo with. I have since tried it (and it was indeed a good complement) and noticed there that chatting/posting functions do not really interfere as long as the main purpose of the site/community is clear.

In short, I think your idea might be a good one.


I would love to see when other people are online. And maybe we could even be able to message them or have a chat room with them.


i would like to communicate with my duolinguo' friends in order to practice my foreigns languages with 'em


Defiantly a good idea, this has been asked before, and I think they are developing something along these lines.. Unless I am mistaken.. :)


I'm all for messaging.... Also flash cards would be great!

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