"I want a man to count on."

Translation:Jag vill ha en man att räkna med.

January 22, 2015

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Is there a difference between räkna med and lita på?


Is 'med' always the idiomatic preposition, so that one can remember that 'to count on' is expressed as 'to count with' in Swedish?


Yes. If you "räkna på" something in Swedish, you're doing math.


That is easy to remember. Thank you.


Could you please give an example using "räkna på"?


I want a man I can count on is a better idiomatic translation at least from the English side.


Would 'make' be in a more husbandly way?


What do you mean?


The correct answer in the multiple choice was "jag vill ha en make att räkna med"....I'm 99% sure, so i thought maybe it refers to a mate. (?).


Oh! I accidentally read "make" in the English way. Now I get what you meant. :)

Make means "husband, male spouse".


I've changed this now so that make shouldn't appear in the multiple choice version. For one thing, the course does not teach that word…


It does still appear


In a correct answer? In that case there's some bug or glitch – you don't happen to have a screenshot of it?


I don't have a screenshot, but it was in a multiple choice and no other word was changed

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As the literal, word-for-word translation is close to "reckon with", how do you translate the English "reckon with" into Swedish? (Which is different to "count on")


reckon with somebody/something phrasal verb

1 somebody/something to be reckoned with someone or something that is powerful and must be regarded seriously as a possible opponent, competitor, danger etc

Barcelona will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

The principal was certainly a woman to be reckoned with.

2 not reckon with somebody/something to not consider a possible problem when you are making plans

I had not reckoned with the excitement in the popular press.

3 have somebody/something to reckon with to have to deal with someone or something powerful

Any invader would have the military might of NATO to reckon with.


why not ´jag vill ha en man som kan räknas på?


That would be I want a man that can be counted on. However I don't know if the Swedish is idiomatic.


Why "Jag vill ha en man räknar jag med hans" is wrong


Jag vill att en man ska räkna med is wrong? I guess it is a phrase of 'want X to Y'


isn't VILL a modal verb? if so it should not take the ATT in ''att rakna med''


five months ago i commented the inclusion of ATT in the sentence when VILL is a modal verb and strictly speaking ATT should not be inserted. can someone please clarify?

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