"I believe in summer."

Translation:Jag tror på sommaren.

January 22, 2015

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This innocent-looking and slightly baffling sentence is actually a cultural reference embedded by the creators of this course to lure us innocent students directly to the hard core of swedishness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_7UYRQTHjc

Both this song and the event "Allsång på Skansen" are as Swedish as anything can be, leaving ABBA, Ikea, kanelbullar, and surströmming far behind.


Amazing link. Tack.


April 2020, I don't believe in summer anymore... #covid19


February 2021 - you may believe in its existence, but you will not be able to enjoy it in the fullest extent, as you used to. #covid19


April 2021 sommaren är död


Maj 2021 sommaren är fortfarande död.


March 2022 kan nästa sommar kanske bli levande.


shouldn't "jag tror pa sommaren" be I believe in the summer? The question was to translate I believe in summer and the option had "jag tror pa sommar" too.


Though not obvious from the example, this is an expression, taken from a 1960s song. That said, this is arguably also one of the cases where Swedish requires a definite article whereas English does not. It's certainly up for debate. In some contexts I'd use the indefinite form, but not very often. So all in all - a very valid question!... without a 100 % correct answer. :)


'In winter,' Grandfather Trout said, 'summer is a myth. A report, a rumor. Not to be believed in.'


this made me laugh. Were in sweden stupid


That's why you have to believe in summer, since there isn't any real proof it exists :D


So this sentence means, you believe that summer exists. Could it also mean that you believe during the summer (but maybe not during the winter)?


Exactly. You could use it like in I'm an atheist in the winter but I believe in the summer.
If you want to say 'during' unambiguously, that would be under in Swedish. Jag tror bara under sommaren 'I only believe during summer'.


So, summer, to the Swedes, is like God? You may believe in it but will never have any hard evidence for its existence? Now I think about moving there, sounds enjoyable, other than Germany, where you are boiled alive during summer. :D


That is what they want you to think!


Wake up, sheeple! Summertime is a hoax created by the meteorological guilds to save their jobs on TV during the last two minutes after the perpetual newscast!


I am not sure what this means. So you don't believe in winter??????? Or spring or fall???????


Believing in several seasons is not mutually exclusive. I believe many appreciate there are four distinct seasons in Sweden, and their different aspects.

Swedish winters are such a palpable, inescapable, and sometimes harsh reality, that there are no doubts winter is coming every, single year. In a season, where the sun doesn't rise at all for almost a month in the northernmost part of Sweden, and even Skåne only has some 7 hours of daylight a day, it is understandable there are poetic sayings and songs about believing in summer. Not only that it will actually come, but also the promises it brings, a more relaxed way of life, a time when anything is possible. Swedes really flourish in summer, even though many of course also appreciate a snowy winter. Winters are more introverted, people are cocooning in their homes, lighting candles, cozying up with a cup of hot beverage in the sofa, while summers are more extroverted and socially active. This is of course an oversimplification, but I think it holds some truth to how life is at these northern latitudes. :)


Jag tror inte på sommaren. Den existerar inte. Det finns bara vintern!


I thought this was a funny sort of sentence until I read this discussion thread. I get it now! :D


I like this one.


I put in google translate (I know it isnt really trustworthy but I wanted to see the difference a preposition makes here) "jag tror i sommaren" and it came up with "I think in the summer", is that correct?


the correct answer actually means "I believe in the summer", not "I believe in summer", which was the statement were were asked to translate. So, is this just a Swedish idiom? I responded "jag tror i sommar" which is the verbatim response. how are we to understand they meant "the summer"?


All two weeks of it.

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