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  5. "He is opening."

"He is opening."

Translation:Han öppnar.

January 22, 2015



What...what context would you even use this in? He's opening a store? He's opening up and you can see his internal organs? I have so many questions.


He’s opening a door or a store. Not the latter. When something opens by itself in Swedish you use the passive:

  • The door opened. = Dörren öppnades


What if the door opened by it self or we don't know who opened it,and we are telling someone about it (I mean it is in present) would we just say dörren öppnar or there is another way to say it?


That’s what I meant above, you’d use the passive Dörren öppnades.


What about The door is opening? Would this still be Dörren öppnades? I think that is what Super8Mario is asking.


That would be dörren öppnas in the present tense.


thank you both :) sorry for asking too many questions, but now my mind is blown I searched for the verb "öppna" in Wiktionary and in the conjunctions table for every verb there was two forms (active and passive) like "öppnar" and "öppnas" can you please explain this, or is it going to be taught in later Duo lessons?


Super8Mario: It is almost certainly covered in the course. Kudos to you for exploring ahead. However, don't get to far ahead of yourself or you will be overwhelmed with questions. All this is quite beyond me as I only have a very basic understanding of verb tenses.


jarrettph Thank you for the advise mate :D


Inget problem! Också, det är advice där. :)


@Mercalyn @jarrettph Advise and practise are verbs; advice and practice are nouns. Sources: http://blog.dictionary.com/advice-vs-advise/ http://grammarist.com/spelling/practice-practise/


Could be true. To me advise is a verb, for example I would say I advise you but I give you advice. But you are probably right. Also I speak Canadian English. ;-) Jag vet vad du menar. Att läsa svenska är jättebra!


jarrettph, I think it depends on what country you are from. UK English = advise, practise. US English = advice, practice.

..men det är kul att jag kan läser någon av detta!


Caticorn2003 Right but that is also dialectal. In Canadian English practice is a verb whereas advice does not work as a verb so we would say advise.


Feelings would probably be the least wierd for this scentence


Can this be used in the context of opening up to someone? Like he opens up to a friend, etc...


No, but öppnar sig has this meaning.


Tack så mycket Arnauti :D


What is he opening Duo?! WHAT! I must know!


Why does it say ligger when i put the mouse over is


We often use position verbs when English prefers just 'is' – in contexts where we speak about where an object is located.

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