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"Cheannaigh an mhairteoil sa mhargadh."

Translation:I bought the beef in the market.

January 22, 2015



I definitely hear " cheannaigh sé"


Me too! I kept repeating the audio to make sure I heard it correctly.


Is there a way of disabling this one, since the audio doesn't match the written sentence? Alternatively, since it seems to be impossible to fix the audio, then can the written sentence be edited to make it match the audio? I really hate having to deliberately type an answer that doesn't match the audio just to be able to move past this, since Duo doesn't let you skip a sentence (or rather, it does, but gives you another, and brings you right back to this one.) I've reported it and so have other people, but here it still is.


Cheannaigh sé atá ann, ní cheannaigh mé


Is "I bought the beef at the market" permissible?


That's not the literal meaning, though it basically, to me, shares the same connotations. I say the reason it wasn't accepted is because they were looking for the translation of sa


That would be ag an margadh instead of sa mhargadh.

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