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All about this é!

So, does é count as a letter in Swedish? It is not used too commonly, as I have learned, but commonly enough that I've seen it used as the fourth letter of Swedish. Like, in the words kommitté and idé. I think these are french loanwords, but I don't know. So, does the é make the cut? Or is it like the é in words like déja vu? Just wondering....

January 23, 2015



It’s not in the alphabet and it’s pretty much only used in French loanwords to show that the stress is on the e. Such words are idé, armé, allé, kommitté, ateljé, diarré, filé, buffé, kliché etc. It’s also used in some surnames like Rosén, Kallén, Wihrén and more rarely as an often optional diacritic in some names like: Linnéa (more often Linnea).


Tack så mycket!


No, é is not an official letter of the Swedish alphabet and is treated as variant of the regular e. Most of the words containing é are french loanwords. An interesting fact: the Swedish population register only allows names containing the regular Latin characters, plus ä, ö, å, ü, and é. This means that if you are a foreigner with another character in your name (for example á), your name would be listed with a regular character (regular a) instead. So, the answer is no, é is not a letter of the Swedish alphabet.


Armé! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brgmInMQyDU

Alina uses it, so even if it isn't an official letter, it IS. XD

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