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the keyboard is here! the keyboard is here!

I'm now completely comfortable using the Swedish keyboard layout, but this is still very exciting. Thanks, Swedish team!

January 23, 2015



Up until now, I could spell using Swedish vowels on my cell phone, but could not see the grammar lesson - or could see the grammar lesson on my laptop, but could not spell using Swedish vowels. Now I can do both on the laptop. Swedish team, you rock! Tack så mycket


Anyone else here wound up getting used to- ALT+1, 3, 2 -and the rest of them?


Det är bra att ha de svenska vokalerna att använda. Jag tror att kan jag nu vara mer rätt när skriver jag. Tack så mycket!


I've been waiting for this!


The keyboard seems to have an extra letter (É), not sure if this is my own problem or not. http://i.imgur.com/axrd0rk.jpg


It would be a problem if we couldn't have kaffé!


So... É is a part of the Swedish letters?


That's right. It's pretty low frequency: I think the only other ones I've seen so far are idé (idea) and kommitté (committee). It marks a stressed final e sound.

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