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"Sommetider sover jeg om morgenen."

Translation:Sometimes I sleep in the morning.

January 23, 2015



Sommetider? Altid sover jeg om morgenen!


Could someone explain why the verb comes before the noun in this case?



"In syntax, verb-second (V2) word order is a specific restriction on the placement of the finite verb within a given sentence. The V2 principle requires that the finite verb (the verb which is inflected for person) appears in second position of a declarative main clause, whereby the first position is occupied by a single major constituent that functions as the clause topic." Or in other words, in order to emphasize "sometimes" you must start the sentence with it, but in doing so, the verb must remain in the second position, pushing the subject back.


I love the way articles like that destroy the explanation in a storm of jargon. Simply put, in the case, when you start the sentence with an indication of time, you have to swap the subject and verb. Fx. "I morgen kører jeg til danmark". The inversion of subject and verb happens when there is some grammatical construct at the beginning that isnt a conjuntion (and also with simple questions fx. "Er du træt?")


hmm I've never heard 'sommetider' before. Only have I heard 'nogen gang' for sometimes. Any native danish speakers here?


My Danish partner suggested that it's basically like a "fancy" version of nogle gange. I think nogle gange is much more regular and informal.


I think you're right, but it is still very common to use sommetider


The same here. "Nogle gange" versus "sommetider"?


Should "morgenen" sound exactly like "morgen"?


To an English speaker, "morgen" kinda sounds like "morn" whereas the definite form "morgenen" sounds like "mornEN" with the "en" pronounced at the end. Basically the "ge" is pretty much silent if you're reading as an English speaker.


Tusind tak. Det var meget praktisk


I just Cant understand what she sayin. Like , the tone shes sayin the words in . Man that is difficult to understand and Even hear

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