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"Elle a un mari et deux filles."

Translation:She has a husband and two daughters.

August 2, 2013



Why can't you say "She has a spouse and two daughters"?


Because gender neutral terms don't exist in French. Un mari is a husband and une femme means a wife. There's no in between.


Are you sure about that?("gender neutral terms don't exist in French")


Yeah, why can't use spouse?


Because spouse is époux (m) or épouse (f)


Mari and husband are directly analogous. Spouse is not quite the same.


It is more common in Australia to refer to the children of a family as 'boys and girls' than as 'sons and daughters' which sounds more formal. Since the French word 'filles' means 'girls' as well as 'daughters', why is 'girls' not accepted?


'Two girls' is still not accepted. I see no reason why not. In Australia we say both (daughters and girls) in this context and, after all, the French word 'filles' translates as either.


All sounds very hetro to me.


Love the course and I can hear the difference between words that may be confused as the same such as filles and fils. It seems to me though in my French grammar illiterate way that French could have evolved to an easier grammar if they just concentrated on the je,tu,il/elle, nous,vous and ils/elles and use the same verb for all although I do concede that some would be confused by the written - "Ils sont"/Ils ont as to ils sont.........ie should males be "il" universally!! It is harder than it could other wise be!!

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