"Jag lägger en ny order."

Translation:I am placing a new order.

January 23, 2015

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Just wondering why " I give a new order" is not accepted. Is this like ordering something at the restaurant but not like giving commands?


It's not used for ordering in restaurants, that is beställa. We use en order for business purposes, like when you order like 10 crates of something for your company.


"I place a new order" doesn't work either


It's a little odd for a foreigner that Lägger would be used here... As in, I layed down this order...Now it just lays there.


Actually, "lay in an order" is a valid expression in English, just a bit uncommon and old-fashioned.


I actually put "I am laying a new order" thinking that was the translation but it was not accepted. It does sound either old fashioned or like a big proclamation, which is why I thought of it.


This sentence makes perfect sense if you think of lägga as place rather than lay down.

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    Can order in Swedish also mean putting things in categories. Like putting all the blue things together and the red ones etc?


    No, that would be ordna.
    order is just a noun. The English verb order as in order someone to do something is beordra in Swedish.

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      Thank you I get my Dutch English and Swedish confused sometimes


      I know right, these related languages just mess with our minds

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      Surprised noone has raised it yet, so maybe im off but .. the eng translation is a bit awkward, imo. 'I place' cries out to be the past tense, would be more natural as i am placing.


      Reading the other comment about that, I still don't see why "I place a new order" should not be accepted here.


      Ah, that's probably my bad. I changed the defaults from "I place" to "I am placing" and somewhere "I place" got removed entirely instead of just from the default. I'll remedy that right away.

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