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  5. "Jag måste hem nu."

"Jag måste hem nu."

Translation:I have to go home now.

January 23, 2015



where is "go" ?


Swedish måste can be used this way with directions. It wouldn't be ungrammatical, uncommong nor wrong to say jag måste gå hem nu, but it's good to know and practice the construction here.


Can you give me another example of that?


Jag måste hem, du måste till flygplatsen, hon måste till jobbet, vi måste ut, ni måste in, de måste till Berlin.

Does that help you with seeing how it works?


Wonderful! Thanks!


Thank you, that's really helpful. It reminds me of a similar construction in Russian. Can I trouble you for one more question: how do you know which places require /till/ and which don't?


In German we have the same structure: "Ich muss jetzt heim" is a sentence that you often hear.


Also in older English "I must away"


'ich muss weg' in german, word by word.


And in Dutch: Ik moet nu naar huis.


Thanks, ik zat al te verzinnen of er een Nederlandse variant was :-)


I asked: does this apply to other modals? t.ex. Var har han gått? Han har hem.

Arnauti replied: :
måste + place can mean 'has to go to somewhere'. There is a handful of verbs, all of them modal verbs, that can behave this way – ska or vill are the ones I can think of right now. Jag vill hem means 'I want to go home' Jag ska hem means 'I am going home, I am headed home'.

ha and most other verbs don't behave this way.


ha isn't a modal verb, it's an auxiliary.


By that I understand you to mean, no, I can't say, 'Han har hem.'


You can say it, but it would mean 'He has homes' :)

I just wanted to clarify that ha isn't a modal verb, but since only modal verbs behave this way, it's true that this means you can't use har in this sense. On the other hand not all modal verbs can be used like that either.


So "måste" can be used without "go" when used in directions?? Thank you :)


Could you also use the same construction with other modal verbs, such as "Jag vill hem nu"?


That one works fine. Jag vill hem, Jag vill ut, Jag måste bort härifrån – those are things we say a lot.


"Jag måste hem nu." = "I need to go home now."? Is there a difference between "måste" and "behöver"?


I believe is the same difference in english when we say need vs must.


I must go home now but some how I don't have to say or write go. Did I really leave

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