level up

in the new version of duolingo. there is only daily xp goals. how do i know how will i level up in a language.

January 23, 2015


If you cannot see these on your Profile page, here they are. One day the A/B test will be done and hopefully everyone will see these. Meanwhile I can also see each separately on my android phone when switching languages, for the language I am currently on. Here is your information:

Spanish - Level 6, Next level: 230 XP, Total XP: 520 XP

French - Level 6, Next level: 268 XP, Total XP: 482 XP

Italian - Level 2, Next level: 48 XP, Total XP: 72 XP

German - Level 1, Next level: 33 XP, Total XP: 27 XP

Portuguese - Level 1, Next level: 60 XP, Total XP: 0 XP

Swedish - Level 1 Next level: 60 XP Total XP: 0 XP

but i am using it in my laptop

Yes, I am using my laptop right now, but only people on the right side of the A/B test can see these on the Profile page. (No profile page on the android) Check this discussion for more info.:

what is A/B test

When Duolingo has a new idea about improving their product, they leave some of us with the "old" app and move some of us to the "new" feature. Then they compare the two groups for progress, retention, how often we visit the site, etc. That's how they decide if their idea was worth giving to everyone, or throwing in the trash and trying something different.

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