"Är det sista gruppen?"

Translation:Is it the last group?

January 23, 2015



Could it also be, "Är det den sista gruppen?" Why is "den" not needed?

December 15, 2015


I'd also assume that there is a den in the sentence that can be omitted. I do not know why, but otherwise the sentence would not make any sense to me. Could somebody explain this?

January 18, 2016


With ordinals, we don't need an article, and sista works the same way. It's like words like första, andra, tredje, and sista contain enough definiteness in themselves so that you can skip the article. But you can have it too, both ways are fine.

February 19, 2016


I was wondering about that as well. Thanks for clarifying this!

May 30, 2016


Does "det" alone count as a determiner? One correct answer is given as "Is that the..." but the answer "Is this the.." is counted as wrong.

January 23, 2015


You need det här for this.

December 15, 2015
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